Potentially Dark: An interview with Matthew Glanfield

Today we are talking with Matthew Glanfield, Creative Director behind the Dark Potential miniature wargame. For more information on Dark Potential, visit:


 Corportaition Commander Concept Art by MiniWarGaming.com


What is Dark Potential?

Dark Potential is a post apocalyptic miniature wargame set in the 2500s, where humanity has been most annihilated by an alien species called the X’Lanthos. Both sides lost in the epic X’Lanthos and human war, leaving X’Lanthos and humans alike stranded on a mostly deserted planet earth. Over 99.99% of humanity was wiped out in the war due to a viral weapon created by the X’Lanthos.

The miniatures will be done at the 28mm heroic scale (similar to Warhammer and Warmachine), and will feature playable human, X’Lanthos, robot, and even animal factions, all fighting for survival and resources.

London in Dark Potential by MiniWarGaming.com

What prompted you to start working on the Dark Potential project?

I’ve always wanted to create my own miniature wargame. I started working on this months ago on our forums at MiniWarGaming. The MWG forum community showed a great interest in it, and helped me work out a lot of the details in the science, storyline, and even game mechanics.

One of the people involved suggested I start a KickStarter campaign to allow others to contribute money to help start our miniature range. Unfortunately KickStarter only works for Americans (we are Canadian), so I had to use IndieGoGo instead.

For new comers to Miniature War Gaming, can you give a brief summary about what its about as well as suggested beginners games?

We have a video we made a couple of years ago that gives a good overview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd3ozAnphiM

Basically miniature wargaming is a hobby where you buy miniatures, paint them up, and then play in epic games on a tabletop made however you like. It provides a great tactical and strategic environment that will challenge your intellect.

You set out to raise $10,000 through crowd funding, but made around $60,000. ( Final goal reached almost $90,000) Has this surprised you and how has this changed your plans for the game?

It was a definitely surprise. I was expecting to be able to hit $10,000 without any problems, and maybe $20,000 if we were super lucky. When we hit $10,000 in our first 4 hours, and $20,000 in our first day, and then $30,000 the next day, and $40,000 by the end of the first week, I was in shock.

The main change is that I am no longer just going to produce a few random miniatures, but am instead going to start creating starter sets that can be used to actually get the miniature line really going.

I’m also using some of the money to do more artwork and to develop the story and rulebook.

Can you explain what will happen now that the funds for Dark Potential have been raised?

Our goal is to have the first two starter sets out by the end of summer, early fall at the latest. We’d also like to have the rules in their Beta format by that stage, along with the history and faction lore completed.

It’s a lofty goal, but with the funding we’ve received I’ve been able to hire more people to work on it to speed things along.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The community has been awesome every step of the way. From giving me great ideas to giving me the funding I need, I have been overwhelmed by how much people have wanted to help.

I would not be able to do this without them.

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