Cosplayer Tallest Silver

Tallest Silver as Batma’am. Superstitious and cowardly criminals beware.

Today we are interviewing Tallest Silver, an active member of the cosplay community. (Cosplay involves dressing up in a costume or outfit that usually celebrates a Fictional/Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchise.)

How did you get involved in cosplay?

Well, I got into cosplay because I had been going to Comic Con since 2003, and in 2005, I had won a makeup competition for my Sally (from the Nightmare Before Christmas) and I was so proud of it, I decided to dress up like all those fabulous people I had seen walking the con floor. In 2007, I invited Kit to come with me, and she hit the ground running with her costumes since she saw all the fun I’ve had in the past with it.

Do you have any memorable stories from conventions?

OOOODLES! We’ve had run ins with celebrities, crazy psuedo dates, gifts given to us at cons, basically, we never know what’s going to happen. Something new and different always happens to occur at each con so we’re always on our toes.

What do you think are some common mistakes that first time Cosplayers make?

Being too nervous or intimidated, I think. It can be unnerving being exposed without pants on, or just in spandex, or what have you. It’s easier to do with a friend, but as long as you’re confident, you should have fun. Also, good makeup can bump up your cosplay from good, to ASTOUNDING. Plus, there’s no shame in safety pins.

Are there any costumes you’re working on at the moment that you plan to unveil in the future? How long does it take to make that costume?

I’m about to unveil two new costumes at New York Comic Con in a few days: Ultimate Spider-woman, and Mary Jane Watson. Mary Jane was a bit easier since hers was more of a civilian attire, but it took a good 6 hours. Spider-woman I’d say took a full 24 hours, but it was spaced out over a series of MANY days.

Tallest Silver as Poison Ivy

Nerd Question: If you could form your own superhero team, what four superheroes/villains would be on it and why?
Wiccan, Speed, Hulking, and Kid Loki because dammit, I love me some Young Avengers and Kid Loki would be HILARIOUS with them.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I would also like to add: Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

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