It’s Morphin Time: Interview with Jason Faunt

Jason Faunt is known for his portrayal of the Red Ranger in Power Rangers: Time Force. He will be starring in the mockumentary series ‘No Nerds Here’ (

Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers: Time Force on Amazon


What is ‘No Nerds Here’ about?

No Nerds Here is a webisode series that revolves around 3 former Power Ranger actors that attend conventions all over the world…. and some of the behind the scenes things that take place.

How did you get involved with the project?

I became involved in the show when Jessica Rey approached me about being a part of it.  Sounded like an incredible idea so I signed on.

Do you have any interesting stories about participating in conventions that won’t be mentioned on No Nerds Here?

The show will show all that we see, nothing is out of bounds…lol…!

Besides No Nerds Here, what other productions are you involved with right now?

They just released Resident Evil 6, in which I play the motion capture actor for Leon S. Kennedy in the game.  That came out last Tuesday (Oct 2nd)!

Resident Evil 6 on PS3

Anything else you’d like to add?

Stay tuned on my website for additional info.

or follow me @thejasonfaunt

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