Monster Mash: Interview with Joe Frankenstein co-creator Chuck Dixon

From Joe Frankenstein’s Indiegogo page

Comic book writer Chuck Dixon has worked on various titles ranging from DC’s Robin,  Marvel’s Punisher, CrossGen’s pirate saga El Cazador, and IDW’s G.I. Joe. Dixon, along with Graham Nolan (both are the co-creators of Bane from the Batman series) are currently developing a graphic novel entitled Joe Frankenstein. (

Joe Frankenstein’s Facebook Page

What is Joe Frankenstein about?

 It’s about a 17-year-old slacker who finds out he’s heir to the Frankenstein legacy. In addition to that, the legendary Monster has been a guardian angel; watching for Joe from the shadows since the day he was born.

If that wasn’t enough, Joe’s life is in real danger from creatures of the night who want his blood!

What inspired some of the elements in Joe Frankenstein?

Graham and I are big Universal Monster fans. You know the classic Frankenstein, Wolfman and the rest. I grew up watching them on Chiller Theater. When I was little I had a deal with my parents, I’d go to bed extra early on Saturday nights and they’d wake me up to see the monster movies.

What are some of the benefits working with Graham Nolan?

Where do I start? A master comics storyteller. Graham just nails it on every page with an economy of style. His characters are appealing and fully realized and he just seems to effortlessly create a believable universe on the page. He makes us both look like geniuses.

In developing Joe Frankenstein, is there any lessons you learned along the way?

Well, both Graham and I learning about the brand new world of self-publishing and self-funding. It’s closer to raiding graveyards looking for parts than I would have imagined.

I think we’re also learning a lot by exploring this world of classic horror. You can be a fan all your life and think you have a full understanding of a property or a genre. But it’s not until you have to create something new with that same material that you gain a full appreciation. I knew I’d like working on this project. But I had no idea how much I’d love it.

How can people help Joe Frankenstein be ‘brought to life?’

We’re looking for funding at The direct link is

You can also learn more and see lots fo great Nolan artwork at

Nerd Question: If Joe Frankenstein was turned into a film and you could have anyone, living or dead, star in it or direct, who would it be and what role would you give them?

There’s a small army of young actors who could play Joe. Just being a nerd, it would be cool to see Dolph Lundgren as the Monster.

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