Hero Initiative: Interview with Christina Joyce

Today we interview Christina Joyce, the Director for Development and Administration at the Hero Initiative, an organization designed to help veteran comic book creators in need.
Hero Initiative’s website
Why is the Hero Initiative important? What does it do?
Many artists and creators that have participated in this industry in the past to watch it become as large as it is today were both paid such small amounts then most artists are paid in this day and age.  That being said, most do not have insurance and are becoming elderly in need of medial attention. In this case, we are able to provide a safety net for them to turn to. We are able to help with medical bills, financial planning and in some cases able to find work for those who can still contribute to this industry. Some could have been left homeless or may have not had the surgeries if it was not for Hero Initiative. I would turn your attention to the interview seen here: http://heroinitiative.org/success.asp
Are there any upcoming events sponsored by the Hero Initiative?
We are attending Long Beach Comic Con and will announce our schedule for next year in January. 
What are some ways that people can help former creators?
They can donate money directly to us through our site, start their own fund raiser or volunteer! 
Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for your interest. I believe we do important work and hope that we continue to grow awareness to our cause! Cheers!

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