Ace of the Week: David Lloyd

Our Ace of the Week is David Lloyd, co-creator of V for Vendetta and creator of the graphic novel Kickback. Today we talk about his newest project, Aces Weekly. For more info on Aces Weekly, visit

What is Aces Weekly?
An exclusively digital comic art magazine – I say exclusively because lots of such things are previews for print publication.  Not us.  We’re tailored for iPad, tablet, and any computer, and you get us by being online and subscribing online.

What is the inspiration behind the name ‘Aces Weekly?’
All the contributors are ‘ ace ‘ creators and we are – unusually – weekly. Unusually for print comics because it’s uneconomic to do such things these days with the costs involved in retail, distribution and suchlike.  And unusually for webcomics too, because we’re the kind of anthology of serials and shorts that was most common once upon a time in print publishing.  We wanted to reawaken that format but in digital form, where it can be economically viable – not on paper, where it can’t be.

In being an exclusively online endeavor, what advantages does Aces Weekly have, management wise, over traditional publishing?              

We can have a skeleton crew – though my assessment of that situation has proved to be too optimistic.  There are just two of us involved – me and Bambos Georgiou, who is my collaborator on the project and the managing editor – and though that’s fine in simple production terms because all art is supplied ready to slot into place on the site, the promotion of the site is an octopus that needs to have many tentacles, and seems to want to grow more all the time, and there are only so many hours in the day to attend to them.  So, like those multiplying tentacles we may soon have to add more to our personnel.
What can people expect to find once they subscribe to Aces Weekly?    The best talent we can tempt onto the project.  Below this response is a list of names of some of them, some of the best in the business, as I’m sure you know.  The attraction of the project for these great folks apart from its newness and its adventurously risky properties – which all great creators are attracted to because all great artists like a challenge… is that I ask them for 21 pages of anything they want to do.  And very few publishers ask that of creators.  There are limits to our requirements, though – we want to sell as many subscriptions as possible because that’s how the magazine makes money, so we need to be as universal as possible in our appeal, without being bland.  But within those limits we still tell great stories that suffer in no way from holding back on the kind of excesses that you can find in much of the print comics market now.

The stories are a mix – not gender-specific or theme-specific or age-specific.  All fantastic comic art entertainment in serial form : six separate continuing stories that run over seven weekly issues and make a volume, or five serials and a short.  Most stories end in that run, others continue into following volumes.  Each issue has up to 30 pages including extras, so each volume has up to 210 pages – and for that the cost is a bargain $9.99.

David Lloyd, Kyle Baker, Mark Wheatley, JC Vaughn, John McCrea, Phil Hester, David Hitchcock, Steve Bissette, Bill Sienkiewicz, Herb Trimpe, Dan Christensen, Yishan Li, Algesiras, Billy Tucci, Kev Hopgood, Carl Critchlow, Colleen Doran, Shaky Kane, Dave Hine, Hunt Emerson, Dylan Teague, Marc Hempel, Paul Maybury, Phil Elliott, Henry Flint and many more…

Where can people visit to find out more about the magazine?

At the website and on FB,  We’ll have a blog up-and running soon, and other outlets to spread the word from, and we’re on Twitter @acesweekly.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Yes.  This is a new pioneering project, that is almost a collective – the creators put their time and talent into the pot, I put in my finance – and, like all collectives, we need to be supported by those who want to see new and different things offered to them.  So, subscriptions are what we need most of all, and the spreading of the word to as wide a field as possible, too, thanks : )

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