IDW: Interview with ‘Dr. Who’ comic book writer Tony Lee

Tony Lee was a writer for the IDW comic book series based on the Dr. Who tv show (


Were you a Dr. Who fan before you started writing for IDW’s series?

I was a massive fan. The first actual memory I have is being about 3 years old and sitting with all my family, watching the final part of Planet Of The Spiders, the last Jon Pertwee episode, yeah, pretty much since the very beginning. 

Did you do any research when writing for the Dr. Who stories?

You can’t not research, as there’s been so much happening over the years. Luckily the best way to research is to watch a lot of old Doctor Who episodes. Oh dear. What a hardship!

In addition to that though there’s a lot of trawling the web, ensuring that a name for a planet you’ve made up doesn’t match another Doctor Who story – I had a throwaway line about the ‘Floor Menace’ without realising that there was a connection to the Floor with another race, so I then had the net convinced I was linking the two… which I wasn’t. 

Do you have a favorite story, setting, or character that has been featured in your stories?

Favourite story was definitely The Forgotten, as it’s the tale I wanted to tell all my life – I got to do eight pages of every Doctor. I think that was followed equally by Silent (K)night, Don’t Walk On The Grass and Fugitive, the first being an Eleventh Doctor story where he helps Father Christmas against robots and is almost completely silent, the latter two being Tenth Doctor stories, the fist was great because it brought back Martha and UNIT and delved into the world of Elizabethan Astrologer John Dee, the second being a good old fashioned chase movie with his companions being a Draconian, Sontaran and an Ogron. As for character, it has to be by far the twenty foot high cybernetic dinosaur named Kevin that joined the Eleventh Doctor briefly as a companion…

Are there any projects outside of Dr. Who that you’ve recently worked on?

Constantly! I’m currently working on a MacGyver comic for Image with series creator Lee David Zlotoff, Im adapting Heather Brewer’s Vladimir Tod books into GNs for Penguin and Amanda Hocking’s Hollowland books into GNs for Dynamite, I’ve just written a Big Finish audio play involving Sherlock Holmes and Dorian Grey, I have a screenplay adaption of my GN Hope Falls that’s on it’s sixth draft and I’ve written a film called The Mild Bunch that already has Frazer Hines, Colin Baker and Vicki Michelle attached to it. And that’s just the stuff I can talk about! The life of a writer is always varied, and there’s always space for one more thing…

Nerdy Question: Do you have a favorite Doctor?

No. I like them all as they’ve all affected me at points of my life. 

Anything else that you’d like to add?

Buy IDW’s Doctor Who comics. They’re brilliant and created pretty much entirely by massive fans.

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