Action Lab: Princeless creator Jeremy Whitley

Jeremy Whitley is the creator of Action Lab’s Princeless series.

What is Princeless about?

Princeless is about a Princess, named Adrienne, who is tired of waiting around to be saved by a prince and decides not only to rescue herself, but to set out on a quest to rescue her sisters.


What inspired the idea for Princeless?

It was a combination of things.  I’ve had a lifelong love of comic books and that is something I want to be able to share with my daughter.  However, to be perfectly honest, there aren’t too many books on the stands right now that I’d feel comfortable handing to her at a young age and especially as a young girl.  I combined that frustration with the added frustration of seeing the things out there that were being marketed to girls.  I didn’t want my daughter to grow up worshiping the hapless and helpless heroines of the popular princess films.  I wanted her to be a girl who could think and fight for herself, so that’s the kind of heroine I created.


Can you walk us through the creative process of an issue?

Sure.  Generally, with Princeless, I start off the creative process with an idea for an arc.  All of the first several stories are going to revolve around one of Adrienne’s sisters, so I use the quest to save them as my basic arc.  Each rescue will involve its own challenges, so the challenges begin to shape the story.  Then I sit down and work my way through the script.  Now if I told you I always stuck to the original plan, I’d be a liar.  I believe good stories should always grow and adapt as they are being written and mine do quite a bit.  Once the writing is done, I’ll edit it once or twice with the assistance of my wife the English teacher, then I’ll hand it off to the series editor for a once over.  Usually the editing is fairly painless, then we pass it on to the artist.

Emily, my current artist, and I usually talk through the script and how and where things should be.  We try to suss out any inconsistencies that will affect the art.  Then she works out some thumbnails.  I’ll go through those and see if there’s anything that we’re just not seeing eye to eye on and suggest any changes that might need to be made before we hit the larger art steps.  After that, Emily will do the full pencils, the inks, and then hand it off to Kelly for coloring. The final step is the lettering, which is actually done by my editor Dave Dwonch, who hates me because of the number of words I put on a page.


Are there any projects you’re currently working on?

Well, Princeless continues.  Emily and I are trying to put the finishing touches on volume 2 which will be available starting in February.  I’ve also been doing some short story collections with a number of fantastic artists, which I think will tell readers of the main series a lot of the things they commonly ask questions about.  In addition to that, I have my other ongoing series at Action Lab, “The Order of Dagonet” which is about the return of mythological creatures to England and the celebrity knights who are called to fight them.  I also have a number of projects under development both with Action Lab and on my own with some great artists.  Hopefully, this next year will bring some big things!



Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Princeless has just been made available on Comixology and look for lots of other big announcements coming from Action Lab Entertainment, including the next volume of Princeless!


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