Image Comics: Interview with Comeback co-creator Michael Walsh

Comeback Ed Brisson

Michael Walsh is the artist of Comeback, published by Image.

What is Comeback about?

Comeback follows the agents of an illegal time travel agency that cashes in off of rescuing people from unnatural deaths. It’s dark and thrilling with a science fiction twist.

Could you walk us through what the creative processes was like for Comeback?

First Ed sends me a script, sometimes we go scene by scene or sometimes I will get the entire issue. From there I start laying out the pages at thumbnail size. We bounce these off of each other to try and come up with the best way to tell the story.

Next I’ll jump straight into pencilling the pages. I pencil digitally in photoshop and print these out in a non-photo blue line on to an 11×17 Strathmore paper.

This is probably the funnest part for me, inking, getting to bust out the brushes,inks, pens and white-out to work over the pencils. I then scan these finished pages and send them off to Jordie to be colored.

 How would you describe the artistic style of the series?

Stylistically I’m using pretty heavy brush strokes with some dry brushing and a lot of black ink. I’m keeping things simple and relatively grounded with the way I draw the figures and settings. Jordie is really making the pages pop with the color, and giving the comic a very distinct atmosphere.

In terms of the tech design, me and Ed established from the start that we wanted to give everything a real gritty, street level look.

The covers of Comeback have a unique style to them. Do you have advice for what makes a good cover?

My advice would be to think about what the book will look like on the shelf of your local comic store. Would it pop off the shelves? Would someone walking by see the cover and pick it up without knowing anything about the book? You need to somehow appeal to the half second look someone will give your cover while perusing a shelf with a hundred books on it.

I suggest keeping the covers as simple as possible while still conveying the atmosphere contained within the book. Be original.

Are there any projects you are currently working on?

Right now I’m in the midst of finishing art on issue 03 of Comeback, finishing up some commissions and slowly writing a creator owned comic of my own. I have a few single issue gigs lined up for after Comeback but I’m not really allowed to give any details on them yet.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Get out there and order Comeback! If I wasn’t drawing this book I would be reading it, Ed is knocking it out of the park and Jordie is killing it on the colors. I’m lucky to be part of this amazing team.

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