Action Lab Comics: Interview with Shawn Pryor


Shawn Pryor is the co-creator for Action Lab Comics’ Steelbots.

What is the Steelbots about?

Exo-1 & the Rocksolid Steelbots tells the tale of a supernatural menace which has been long forgotten that resurfaces to destroy the Earth and remake it in his own image.

Because of this danger, a media mogul named Peter Rians must finally accept his destiny of becoming a superhero and ownership of a set of super-machines called the Steelbots! But even with superpowers and robots, Peter will still need the help of his assistant Vanessa, the ghost of his overbearing Grandfather and couple of college lovers that can’t stand each other in order to save the day and bring peace to Earth.

What inspired the series?

Inspiration comes from 80’s Cartoons like Mighty OrbotsTransformersGo-Bots, anime such as AlbegasGo-LionMazinger, live-action Super Sentai shows and comic books like Shogun Warriors and the Micronauts.

Can you describe the creative process behind Steelbots?

I had written the first half of Exo-1 before I joined Action Lab and took on the role of President. During my time as President, my workload had become so heavy that I didn’t have the proper time to finish writing the story myself. So I decided to collaborate with writer Adam Besenyodi to complete the tale and touch up the first and second act of the OGN.

On the artistic side of things, it was a blessing to work with Daniel J. Logan. I’m a very big fan of his style and his grey-tones that he laid over his artwork made it pop even more on the printed page. His style is very dynamic and the expressions of the characters in the book are done very well. Plus, he draws excellent robots. I can’t wait for the day to work with him again.

Are there any projects you are currently working on?

At this time I’m not working on any projects. I’ve spent a majority of my tenure working as the President of Action Lab (from October 2010 to October 2012) and now I serve as Project Manager of Action Lab. Now that I have some free time on my hands to create again, I hope to have a project or two out in 2013.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, if anyone is interested in reading Exo-1 (90+ Pages) you can purchase it digitally at the following places:

The Action Lab Webstore:

Comics Plus:

Drive Thru Comics:—Original-Graphic-Novel




And if you want an extended preview of Exo-1 and a bunch of other Action Lab books, download a free copy of Action Lab Confidential:

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