Kirby Krackle: Interview with Kyle Stevens

Kirby Krackle

Kyle Stevens is part of the Band ‘Kirby Krackle.’

What inspired the name, Kirby Krackle?

We are big fans of Marvel Comics, the art style-effect by Jack Kirby, and on top of that thought it would make a great band name. FF #1 is the first comic Jim ever read and after our mutual friend Brian suggested the name, we figured it had to be done!


How would you describe your music style?

We say we are a nerd rock, or geek rock band. That means we write songs exclusively about comic book culture, video game culture, and the awesomeness of the best of pop-culture in general. Our interests spread pretty wide, and when we have something fun to say about particular one of our loves in comics, etc, we’ll write a song about it!


What do you think is the core theme behind your music?

All in all, I feel that our music is a celebration of pop-culture in general and what we feel is a voice we can lend to what has been explored or commented on in comics and video games in a unique way. It’s our way to play in the sandbox of the comic industry and thankfully no one has kicked us out yet!


Do you have any interesting stories about the behind the scenes development or reception of any of your songs?

Most of our songs start in my home studio on acoustic guitar and both of us staring at a blank document page! Every song is different in the way it comes together; some end up exactly as you had planned, but more and more I’m finding the happy accidents of hitting a wrong chord or playing it too fast/slow one time can alter the entire perception you have as a songwriter and often take it in a new and different place. Happy accidents is kinda what this band is all about, and I love that.


Are there any projects you are currently working on?

We just released a new single, “One More Episode” and so far the fan reactions have been awesome. It’s a new style lyrically for us more as a entire pop-culture reference and our love of bender box set viewing, and the first of the workings to be released for the new album set for 2013.


Nerdy Question: If you had one item featured in the song ‘Nerd Money,’ what would it be?

I think it would be Jim Lee painting my living room. I’d been good as long as I had that happen at some point in my life. I can dream!


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