Aces Weekly Update

Aces Weekly ( has just wrapped up Volume One. If you haven’t been able to, check it out and stay tuned for Volume Two.


Ace of the Week: David Lloyd

Our Ace of the Week is David Lloyd, co-creator of V for Vendetta and creator of the graphic novel Kickback. Today we talk about his newest project, Aces Weekly. For more info on Aces Weekly, visit

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Ace of the Week: Phil Hester

Our Ace of the Week is Phil Hester who has “spent many years on the indie comics scene, culminating in his Eisner Award-nominated series The Wretch. Phil broke into the mainstream as penciller of Mark Millar’s Swamp Thing run at DC. He also drew Kevin Smith’s revival of Green Arrow with long time inker Ande Parks. He created The Coffin with artist Mike Huddleston, and Firebreather with artist Andy Kuhn, now a television feature for Cartoon Network.” Excerpt from Aces Weekly

Phil Hester is also the writer of Progenitor, a story featured in volume one of Aces Weekly ( )

Art by John McCrea

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Coming Soon: Ace of the Week

Our new section, titled ‘Ace of the Week,’ will be highlighting the creators and artists from Aces Weekly. Here is a short description on the website.

“ACES WEEKLY is an exclusively digital comic art magazine which features some of the world’s finest sequential art creators. V For Vendetta co-creator David Lloyd has gathered together top talents from the US, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, China, New Zealand and the Philippines in this unique publishing project.”

For more information, visit: