Gettysburg Campaign by J.D.R Hawkins

Interview with J.D.R. Hawkins, author of the Renegade book series, which is set during the Civil War.

Gettysburg Campaign

Her new Kickstarter campaign, entitled ‘Gettysburg Campaign by J.D.R. Hawkins,’ can be found here:

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‘A Total Disruption’ Kickstarter

Ondi Timoner, known for her documentaries Dig and We Live in Public, has launched a new Kickstarter Campaign that will help fund ‘A Total Disruption’ web series.

On the campaign page, Timoner says that “my team and I have spent the last two years interviewing some of the most influential minds in technology for our web portal, A Total Disruption. I set out to do this, because I am fascinated by the people and ideas that are changing and shaping our lives each and every day. Tech innovation moves so fast that we’ve struggled to keep pace with all the riveting content. We have managed to collect 300 hours of footage and put out 50 episodes so far.”


Be sure to check the project out at Kickstarter.